Fostering recruitment continues despite COVID-19

This time of year often sees a period of change for families, with children moving away, but you can use this as an opportunity to provide a happy home for another young person.
All you need is a spare bedroom, be aged 21 or over with appropriate life experience and the time and capacity to look after a child. 

Debate on the Power of arrest for extradition purposes

This Bill is a necessary one. There are issues arising from it that could warrant further thought and treatment. I hope this Government will take the advantage of that thought which our leaving the EU can provide to look again at how in the longer term we have a good judicial relationship—a co-operative relationship—with the EU that is fair to both sides and to any innocent people in Britain who may have to stand trial abroad.

UK sovereignty

There seem to be some misunderstandings about what government and Parliament did sign up to as we set out the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

Barriers removed from Rectory Road

Rectory Road returns today to two lanes following the removal of the red and white traffic barriers on Sunday evening.
Phil Cunnington, Norreys Ward Conservative candidate for the borough elections in May 2021, said: "This is good news. I have been lobbying Cllr Jorgensen for these to be removed from Rectory Rd and more.

No deal is better than a bad deal

I am glad to see the government has drafted unilateral U.K. legislation to amend the Withdrawal Agreement. We need to remove bad features of that if they do not agree to by negotiation. The EU has not negotiated in good faith so we must get on and establish full U.K. self government as we wish.

Where should you work?

How much flexible and homeworking will there be in a year or so’s time, assuming the virus threat continues to retreat?

UK Car market declines – again

August was a quieter month than usual for car sales. Despite the recent exit from lock down, sales fell 5.8% on the month, with an especially big decline in business purchases.