Thank You! Increased glass recyling

Cllr Parry Batth ( lead member for the environment) wants to thank Wokingham Borough residents for making the most of our bottle banks.

Between April and June this year we recycled almost 350 tonnes more glass than in the same months in 2019.



No need to increase taxes

Levelling up is a good idea. It requires tax cuts, not increases. It requires using the planning system to allow more building and construction based investment in the parts of the country that want the extra jobs and money it brings.

Greater certainty over mineral extraction and waste management sites

Wokingham Borough Council is consulting on the next stage of its Joint Minerals and Waste Plan which will guide future locations for sand and gravel extraction as well as waste management, such as recycling plants and waste treatment facilities. The joint plan does not propose allocating any sites in Wokingham Borough for either minerals extraction or waste management.

Special Meeting to resolve the wet recycling issue

Proposals to replace the existing black recycling boxes with waterproof recycling bags in Wokingham Borough will be considered at a special meeting of the council’s Executive committee on 11 September.

Levelling up and planning

I suggest the government thinks again lest this algorithm proves as troublesome as the exams one. We need a levelling up one, where more homes are built in those places which want the investment.

Improving safety for school bus passengers

These additional services are helping get all pupils to school who live two miles or more away from where they attend school. We’re grateful to all residents who have adjusted their own transport to avoid the school travel times and make it easier to get all children to school on time and as safely as possible.

Council relaunches traffic and travel social media to keep residents up to speed

Wokingham Borough Council’s ‘Traffic and Travel’ social media accounts, dedicated to keeping residents up to speed with the roadworks around the borough that may affect their journey times, will return to both Facebook and Twitter this September which will coincide with the launch of the council’

A new fishing policy

There was no slot for me to speak in the fishing debate yesterday in the Commons ,such was the understandable pressure from MPs for fishing seats to speak.

What I wanted to say included the following