Gregor Murray

Wokingham Borough Council - Norreys
Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Communication


Homeowners can help tackle climate change

The green homes grant is a fantastic opportunity for our residents to save money on a home improvement which will then save them money year on year. And, they’ll be helping to reduce residential carbon emissions across the borough and get the council closer to our goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

Eco-friendly plastic kerbs part of new cycleway

Plastic kerbstones made from recycled materials have been installed as part of a new cycleway to help people travel in and out of Wokingham town centre. Using plastic kerbs reduces the amount of carbon produced in manufacturing, transport and construction by about 40% compared to concrete kerbing.

Reducing congestion and improving public transport

“Providing more options for sustainable transport options is crucial for Wokingham Borough Council to reach our carbon neutral target for 2030 and improve air quality in our town centres. 

New Lease of Life for unwanted bicycles!

"It's great news that within the last year, over 4,000 bikes left a re3 recycling centres have been re-used instead of being sent to landfill. This benefits our environment, as well as generating savings for council tax payers through the reduction of waste disposal costs.

There is no excuse for single-use plastic

Cllr Gregor Murray's motion serves as a statement of intent to WBC's suppliers, partners and staff to maintain this focus on eliminating non-essential single-use plastics from all our business and ways of working. It will also serve as proof to all of the businesses across our Borough that if we can do it - so can they.

Gregor Murray responds to Government consultation on EV

Earlier Pauline Jorgensen dropped in on a WBC Individual Exec Member Decision (IEMD) held by Gregor Murray, to make a couple of points on the need for legislation on the continuity of fuel supplies for those who cant afford to buy new cars and also the need for a British manufacturer to produce c

Wokingham Borough Conservatives Support Jobs

Excellent debate last night on a Lib Dem motion, the speeches from our members were obviously persuasive as some Lib Dems didn't vote for  their own motion... the speeches are posted below for you to make your own mind up.

Gregor Murray - Executive Member for Climate Emergency

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