Update on my meeting with Highways England on the A329m

I had a very helpful meeting with Highways England M4 traffic manager first thing this morning, I was following up on issues reported with queues and dangerous driving on the A329m at the M4 junction following the changes made to the M4 to improve the exit onto the A329m. These issues occur mostly (but not exclusively) on the southbound when the sun is low in the mornings. There are also queues being caused at Coppid Beech. I have agreed the following actions with Highways England:


- they agree there is a problem and will make a bid to their safety fund to make changes 

- they also have bid for local enterprise partnership funds along with the Borough council

- they are getting accident stats to help support the case

- We have arranged to meet again in 2 weeks to assess progress.


I hope we can now make some progress at last.


Cllr Pauline Jorgensen

Executive Member for Highways and Transport