Getting the railway budget on track

The UK spends a very high proportion of its total government transport budget on railways. It is embarking on a mega project to put in HS2. It could get more railway capacity much more quickly at a much lower price if it made some changes and stopped HS2.

Managing the overseas aid budget

This year the government has said it will reduce the aid budget in line with the fall in GDP, as the promise on aid is based on spending 0.7% of GDP. As we do so it is important to be generous with grant money and direct assistance for famine relief and humanitarian help for those in crisis.

We want to hear your experiences to help our recovery .....

The current coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on all of us, and Wokingham Borough Council would like to hear directly from residents on how the pandemic has affected their lives through a newly launched survey.

Mountains of debt

As we count the cost of the response to the virus, it is time to sketch out what future plans for public spending might look like.

Next step to being carbon neutral by 2030

“We are thrilled that our Climate Emergency Action Plan, which is full of ideas from residents, town and parish councils, council officers and local businesses, has been approved this week,” said Cllr Gregor Murray, executive member for climate emergency.

Bikeability training continues despite COVID

The level 3 course is a beneficial part of the Bikeability programme. The course is aimed at more confident cyclists who want to cycle on roads over 30mph, cross-multiple lanes and use complex junctions.

Gregor Murray responds to Government consultation on EV

Earlier Pauline Jorgensen dropped in on a WBC Individual Exec Member Decision (IEMD) held by Gregor Murray, to make a couple of points on the need for legislation on the continuity of fuel supplies for those who cant afford to buy new cars and also the need for a British manufacturer to produce c