Pauline Jorgensen

Wokingham Borough Council - Hillside
Executive Member for Highways and Transport

Pauline has lived in Earley with her family since 1984. She is married to Norman and their son David is a researcher at Imperial College.

First elected to the Borough Council in 2008, She is currently the Executive Member for Transport.

Pauline is experienced in both politics and business; she has been a councillor since she was 26. She has a BSc Hons in Zoology and an MBA and gained extensive business experience holding senior positions in IT, technology, programme delivery and people services. She currently works at Heathrow for British Airways. She stood as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in 2017.

In her spare time she is very interested in photography and history, especially naval military history, architecture and of course aviation.



New Lease of Life for unwanted bicycles!

"It's great news that within the last year, over 4,000 bikes left a re3 recycling centres have been re-used instead of being sent to landfill. This benefits our environment, as well as generating savings for council tax payers through the reduction of waste disposal costs.

New gully cleaning contract starts with a splash ...

One thing about working from home is you can see someone did actually come and clean the Kerbs and Gullies - I went out to speak to the Volker Highways workman and asked about the one further up the lane which floods in the winter, apparently it was full of tarmac and they have cleaned it out!


This Sunday (August 9) afternoon will see the temporary pedestrian barriers in Rose Street removed along the road.

The work to remove the barriers on Rose Street is likely to take about three hours to complete but the road will remain open to two-way traffic throughout.

Rose Street Temporary Barriers will be removed on Sunday

The temporary pedestrian barriers in Rose Street will be removed on Sunday afternoon.

Rose Street will remain open to two-way traffic throughout although the work is likely to take about three hours to complete.

Council launch campaign to protect younger cyclists

Wokingham Borough Council is today launching its new bike safety campaign ‘Break the Cycle’, to encourage cyclists from across the borough to set a good example to our younger generation by wearing a helmet.

Update on my meeting with Highways England on the A329m

I had a very helpful meeting with Highways England M4 traffic manager first thing this morning, I was following up on issues reported with queues and dangerous driving on the A329m at the M4 junction following the changes made to the M4 to improve the exit onto the A329m.

Bikeability training continues despite COVID

The level 3 course is a beneficial part of the Bikeability programme. The course is aimed at more confident cyclists who want to cycle on roads over 30mph, cross-multiple lanes and use complex junctions.


“This crucial investment in public transport infrastructure helps not only us free up the space here in Wokingham Borough but in neighbouring areas as well,” said Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport.

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Wokingham Borough Council - Barkham
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He was honoured to serve as the Wokingham Borough Mayor in 2018/2019.

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I have lived in Emmbrook with my husband and 3 children since 1986. My husband was born in Wokingham town and we are now the 4th generation living here. I have been a Wokingham Borough Councillor since May 2003 and was honoured to serve as Mayor for two years. I have also represented Emmbrook on Wokingham Town Council and served for 17 years including two as Town Mayor.

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Deputy Executive Member for Regeneration

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