We are supporting those who need it most… 

Around 1,483,000 children are attending an educational setting – including 405,000 children of critical workers.

£164 million worth of free school meal vouchers have been redeemed.

Over 3.7 million food boxes have been distributed to those who are shielded.

15,000 people have been housed in emergency accommodation.  

Almost 590,000 NHS Volunteer Responders have had their ID verified and can now receive tasks.

Over 394,000 tasks have been completed by NHS volunteers and over 80,000 people have been supported.

Helped to repatriate 38,000 people by charter and 1.3 million via commercial routes.

Contributed £1.65 billion to GAVI, the vaccine alliance.

2 of the world’s leading coronavirus vaccine programmes.

The first in world to have a successful clinical trial.

Contributed £764 million the international effort to fight coronavirus.