Rose Street Temporary Barriers will be removed on Sunday

The temporary pedestrian barriers in Rose Street will be removed on Sunday afternoon.

Rose Street will remain open to two-way traffic throughout although the work is likely to take about three hours to complete.

On-street blue badge and the short stay parking bays will be immediately reinstated with enforcement of the 30-minute maximum stay starting from 8am on Monday. Those using blue badge bays must display their badge clearly, or risk being fined.

“Making sure our town centres are Covid-19 secure is incredibly important,” said Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport. “We want to create a safe place for shoppers, with lots of space to maintain social distancing and to reduce the likelihood of a localised lockdown. However it’s also important that we continue to monitor how the pedestrian spaces are working and make changes where things are no longer necessary.”

“We originally installed the Rose Street barriers following concerns from residents whose front doors open directly onto the pavement. The lack of space was making it difficult for them to access their properties while safely socially distancing from passers-by. The intention was to create more space on the south side to encourage pedestrians to move across and spread footfall more evenly.

“Ongoing monitoring of Rose Street has shown this isn’t happening and pedestrian numbers are lower than originally anticipated. As such, I’ve taken the decision to remove the barriers along Rose Street and reinstate the on-street parking bays and blue badge spaces which are so important to visitors popping into Wokingham. Council officers will continue to monitor Rose Street to see if further intervention is required.”