Protecting Our Local Heritage

 In late August Wokingham Town Council took an important decision to seek to purchase The Old School House, Reading Road, Wokingham.

Explaining the decision Councillor Philip Mirfin, said, “Wokingham Town Council Members recognised that they should make every effort to retain the ownership of this fine Victorian building to ensure that our residents continued to have every opportunity to enjoy the building for the many wide and varying activities that are undertaken in the town.”

Unfortunately, the Borough Council decided not to take the Wokingham Town Council offer and went to auction on November 9th.  They did agree to place two covenants on the building, which the Town Council fully endorse. These covenants are that the building cannot be demolished nor can any of the external features of the building be changed in any way.

In view of the building now having been sold to a private buyer, the Town Council wishes to ensure that the aspect of the building is maintained, as per the covenants, in order that this Victorian structure continues to be enjoyed by our residents as part of the Walter heritage.