Making West Berks Cleaner and Greener

 Cllr Carol Jackson-Doerge recently visited the new Padworth Integrated Waste facility.

Following the visit, Carol said, “I’m really happy that, thanks to Conservative controlled West Berkshire Council, Burghfield residents have access to a great new recycling centre.  The Padworth recycling centre will play a vital role in reducing the impact of West Berkshire’s household waste upon the environment.  The district’s recycling rate has risen to almost 42% since 2008 and is still continuing to grow.  Thank you Burghfield residents for truly getting behind recycling.”

The new facility is being run by Veolia Waste Management and employs the latest in cutting edge recycling technology.  For the first time in the UK, Veolia have introduced an automatic plastic sorting technology called ‘Magpie’; infrared and laser technology identify different types of plastic bottles, allowing a single type to be selected at a time and virtually eliminating contamination of recyclables.