Kevin Morgan for Emmbrook

Emmbrook is my home, having lived here for twenty years with my children attending Emmbrook School. I am proud to be the only candidate who lives in the ward. Living in the ward you wish to represent gives you valuable first-hand experience of the issues and problems facing residents.

I have been representing Emmbrook residents since 2015 when elected as one of your Town Councillors. I have a good track record of working with residents to improve the local area. I have been developing my plan to have an Emmbrook that works for everyone and I know I can make a difference if elected.

My number one priority is to resist future major housing development in Emmbrook. I recognise that we do need additional housing in the Borough. But put simply, Emmbrook is full. That is why I pledge to support potential new town developments like Grazeley where the infrastructure is easier to provide without impacting existing residents. This is vital to stop squeezing developments into existing housing areas. This is my approach – the question is what is the approach of other candidates. Do they support Grazeley?

There are other priorities in my plan such as improving roads and reducing gridlock, continuing to invest in schools.

I strongly believe that your councillor has to be accessible and accountable to Emmbrook residents. I will build on my existing activities as a Town Councillor and would be actively seeking regular feedback through many routes, including social media.