It's the little things

Your local Conservative Councillors were out in force on the door steps of Hawkedon on Saturday, talking and listening to your concerns and we have several issues that need resolving from a broken street light, speeding and road safety to pot holes.  Your local Conservative Councillors are now working to resolve these issues.

The biggest issue of the day however, was the skip off the Earley events field that was left there following the American circus last weekend and had attracted some significant fly tipping.  One of your local Conservative Councillor Guy Grandison put in a call to the company that owned it and they arrived and took away the bulk of the rubbish and the skip within half an hour.

The rest of the rubbish will collected and disposed of by the Council within the next 24 hours.

Your local Conservative Councillors are out every weekend talking to residents so if you seen us grab us, we are always here to help you.