John Redwood - The European Protectorate of Greece

The Greek Parliament is now just a rubber stamp. A German led Euro area has dictated to the Greek government. A comprehensive remodelling of Greek administration and justice is demanded, alongside major policy changes, a new wave of large cuts in public spending and tax rises. The lengthy list of requirements from the EFSF, the nominal creditor of Greece, is to be implemented in a hurry, with some of the programme a prerequisite for sitting down to try to reach agreement on new loans. Behind the EFSF lies some angry creditor states.

Budget offers more spending and more tax revenue

The Budget reshapes the financial story of the 2015-20 Parliament. Instead of planning a £60 billion a year increase in cash spending by 2019-20 the Budget lifts this to an extra £69 billion, similar to the increase over the last Parliament. 

John Redwood - What price a new railway?

Some of the most difficult emails or letters I receive tell me we need to nationalise the railways. I write back pointing out that is exactly what Labour did when they took over Railtrack and put it into 100% taxpayer ownership, and strengthened the controls of the state over the contracts of the individual train operating companies that run trains on the nationalised railway. Today’s problems in the railways are the direct result of having a nationalised monopoly railway with access to huge sums of taxpayer cash.

John Redwood: Queen’s Speech – powers for Scotland and England

Her Majesty will announce the extra powers for Scotland which Labour and Conservatives offered prior to the referendum. As we have discussed recently, this will need to include a new financial settlement when Parliament comes to debate and approve the detail. She should also announce early progress on English votes for English needs (EVEN) , which I expect to be undertaken by an amendment to Standing Orders of the Commons in the first instance.

John Redwood - What kind of a renegotiation do we want with the EU?

I do not want the UK to play New York State to Euroland’s USA. I would rather we played Canada. The Euro area is rushing towards political union. It has to take more powers to the centre, and redistribute tax revenue more fairly around the zone. The UK does not wish to join that. That is why we need to negotiate a new relationship, based on trade and friendship, that excludes us from political union

A personal message from John Redwood

I am writing for one last time in this election to ask you to vote for me. It has been my privilege to represent the Wokingham constituency in past Parliaments. I have important work in progress for you which I would like to continue.

A letter from John Redwood to voters

Dear Elector,This election should be about you. It is about how you feel and what you want for your future and for your family. This General Election is particularly important for you, as it will make big decisions about what sort of country we live in in the next five years, and whether your future will be secure.

John Redwood - Home Ownership for the Many

When I wrote my election leaflets more than a month ago I decided to centre them on tax cuts for all, and on home ownership for the many. I had argued for good policies to allow people to keep more of what they earn, and to help more people own a home. I am pleased that the party has come up with a Manifesto that gives a central role to these aims.