A Huge Thank You to The Hub volunteers!

The Wokingham Borough Community Response has been a truly borough-wide collaboration involving the borough council, town and parish councils, voluntary groups, community organisations and charities, neighbourhoods and individual people. This Friday (31 July) will see the final food parcels delivered by the Wokingham Borough Community Response as nationally the shielding programme is paused from 1 August. 

There is no excuse for single-use plastic

Cllr Gregor Murray's motion serves as a statement of intent to WBC's suppliers, partners and staff to maintain this focus on eliminating non-essential single-use plastics from all our business and ways of working. It will also serve as proof to all of the businesses across our Borough that if we can do it - so can they.

Defending our nation

The world has been mercifully short of wars for NATO in the last few years. Mr Trump’s decision to disengage from hot war in the Middle East has made a difference to the demands on our armed forces, after years of war in  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the wider Middle East.

Conservatives propose improvements for recycling collection

Cllr Parry Batth Executive Member for Environment will be asking the Executive on Thursday evening to replace black boxes with weighted, water-proof sacks for its kerbside recycling collection to help keep paper and card dry. Changes in the world market for recycled material have meant that wet p

Wokingham Borough Council launches COVID-19 survey

The current coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on all of us, and Wokingham Borough Council would like to hear directly from residents on how the pandemic has affected their lives through a newly launched survey.

Investing in modern government

The public have had an enforced home course in doing much more on line. During the lock down you had to pay bills by electronic means, buy non food items over the net, talk to friends and family by phone or video conference.

Buying more at home

As we exit the EU we will have more scope to decide what items should be matters for national security or resilience.