Local News

John Redwood - Home Ownership for the Many

When I wrote my election leaflets more than a month ago I decided to centre them on tax cuts for all, and on home ownership for the many. I had argued for good policies to allow people to keep more of what they earn, and to help more people own a home. I am pleased that the party has come up with a Manifesto that gives a central role to these aims.

More staff and more treatments in local NHS

The latest figures for the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust show that locally more medical staff are treated more people. It is a story of growth and improvement in service.

Solving Motorway Noise

The problem of motorway noise has long affected Winnersh. Some sound barriers have been put in, but the rising volumes of traffic and the heavy trucks that now pound the road still leave many suffering from noise. Residents would like more to be done to try to mitigate the noise. It is especially worrying in the summer when people want to have their windows open some of the time and wish to enjoy their gardens.

Supporting Reading Pride

Wokingham Conservatives yesterday participated in Reading Pride, in support of the local LGBT community