Bikeability training continues despite COVID

The level 3 course is a beneficial part of the Bikeability programme. The course is aimed at more confident cyclists who want to cycle on roads over 30mph, cross-multiple lanes and use complex junctions. Last year Level 3 training was delivered at 4 primary schools and 3 secondary schools with some additional summer courses. The most significant demand for Bikeability training currently, is for the Level 1/2 training. We have seen 25 primary schools cancel or not book their training this year compared to previous years. Level 2 training is usually sufficient for most cyclists who travel to school, as it covers cycling on road up to 30mph and encounter some cycling infrastructure. The Bikeability Trust has issued COVID-19 guidelines on how to deliver socially distanced courses with smaller groups of children. The guidelines have resulted in the Level 3 courses being particularly difficult to find suitable venues for.

Pauline Jorgensen, Exec Member for Highways and Transport at WBC said "I am pleased to confirm that Williowbank Primary School have agreed to host both level 2 and level 3 Bikeability course in late August. These additional courses will be available for booking on the My Journey website shortly. Places are currently available on the level 3 course at Oakbank Secondary School tomorrow (24th July). The My Journey team are focusing on delivering further Level 2 courses at this time, and finding suitable venues in which to run this training from. Further level 3 courses will be offered to secondary schools next year. If there is sufficient demand for further Level 3 training beyond this, additional holiday courses can then be arranged".