Access to riverside park in Earley improved

Access to a riverside beauty spot in Earley has been made even easier for cyclists and pedestrians.

Wokingham Borough Council has completed the construction of a new footpath from Wokingham Road and Reading Road, near the George Pub and the Harley Davidson garage, to the green space next to the River Loddon. The changes improve accessibility to the area meaning more people will be able to enjoy the area.

The sloped access with handrail and new stairs have been installed and the footpath has been resurfaced. Drainage has also been improved in the area as well as new fencing being installed to help improve the look of the area. It will make it easier for residents to walk or cycle to visit the area to enjoy nature and walk for exercise, rather than drive, helping to reduce the borough’s carbon footprint as we work to make the borough carbon neutral by 2030.

Work began in mid-May and took about six weeks to complete. While the work was carried out residents were still able to access the riverside and meadows area with a diversion via Skelmerdale Way as well as other entry points so they could continue to enjoy the area.

“Ensuring all our residents can easily access the parks and green spaces near them is really important,” said Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport. “We’re delighted to get this finished in time for people to make the most of the area next to the river in the summer months and be able to access it easily. Thanks to our residents for their patience while we completed this work, which will help even more people enjoy this riverside beauty spot.”

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